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Avina Malting Barley Seeds

Malting Barley

Avina specialties in Malting Barley. All seeds are cultivated

in different parts of Iran with the cooperation of Seed and

Plant Certification and Registration Institute. We tested our

samples from different regions by laboratory of munich

university. The result is a world-class product with int.

standard quality in Iran.

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Farmer in Barley Farm

Malt from Malting Barley

Malt Production has complex manufacturing

 processes and techniques, When you want to

produce beverage like non alcoholic Beer

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Malt with International Standards

We collaborate with university of Munich at Germany.

We produce high quality malt from our malting barley

for your beer and malt beverage

مالت با استاندارد جهانی


Avina group specialists supply best quality hops

with different flavors and characteristics for your

product. Follow below link to buy the hops.

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